Archaeology Department Marks 30th Anniversary

05 November 2018 Comments Off on Archaeology Department Marks 30th Anniversary

On Friday, November 2, faculty members, students and alumni of the Bilkent University Department of Archaeology gathered to celebrate the department’s 30th anniversary. They were joined by colleagues from other universities, museums and research institutes, as well as lay enthusiasts of archaeology.

Bilkent administrators present included the rector, the provost, the dean and associate dean of the Faculty of Humanities and the director of the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences.

The program for the event began with introductory remarks by Rector Abdullah Atalar. Next came an overview of the department’s history and its faculty members’ research interests and accomplishments, enlivened by short videos created by Department of Communication and Design students.

The remainder of the program focused on “life after Bilkent” for the department’s graduates. First, three alumni who have pursued academic careers as archaeologists spoke about the field projects and excavations they are currently directing. Following this, four graduates who have built careers in other areas, from film production to project management, described how their education in archaeology has contributed to their success.

The event concluded with the opening of an exhibition in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture art gallery, consisting of photographs by Ali Konyalı depicting the excavation of Labraunda in Muğla province. The site, home of the sanctuary of Zeus Labraundos in the ancient region of Caria, is being excavated under the direction of Dr. Olivier Henry, an adjunct scientist–researcher in the department.