Volume 13, Number 5
10 October

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“Silk-screens from the Silk Road”
at the International Art Gallery
in Richmond

Prints from Bilkent students were featured in an exhibit, "Silk-screens from the Silk Road," at the International Art Gallery in Richmond, Virgina. The exhibition was sponsored through a partnership between Bilkent University and Richmond University. The exhibition featured silk-screens created in Dr. Ilgım Veryeri Alaca’s elective course "Introduction to Printmaking," and were well received in Richmond. Students whose work was featured include: Burcu Tarhan (ECON), İrem Sevgör (ECON), Meltem Kaya (ECON), Ayşe Doğan (ELIT), Elvan Serin (FA), Efe Eke (ECON), Cihan Önerci (IE), Duygu Selen Türkoğlu (LAUD), Nalan Sezginer (LAUD), Seval Şener (GRA), Ümit Tarık Yaşar (LAUD), Nimet Kurşuncu (COMD), Özge Özcihan (LAUD), Ceylan Sağdıç (LAUD), Atacan Kasal (LAUD), Sinan Eronat (FA), Işıl Öndeş(IE), Görkem Karabeyoğlu (ECON).

Dr. Uliana Gabara, Dean of International Education (University of Richmond), wrote in the exhibition brochure: "The first exhibit in the gallery - works by Turkish students from Bilkent University, our newest partner institution, underscores our dedication to cultural and academic collaboration with universities around the world. Ours is an ongoing effort to create an institution and community where international education is fully integrated and comprehensive. The International Gallery is an important step forward in this effort."

Student Filmmakers Participate in German Film Festival

filmfest.jpg (5593 bytes)

Seventeen students from the Communications departments at several Ankara universities, under the leadership of Bilkent University, set out on a filmmaking journey. They participated in a multicultural workshop as part of the Short Film Festival held in Detmold, Germany. The project is supported by the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs. The 17 Turkish participants worked with 20 German student directors to shoot short films during the workshop. The films produced after the end of the workshop were screened for audiences at the festival. The participants were hosted by the festival and had the opportunity to participate in all festival activities free of charge.

A second phase of the project titled "Video Crossing," will take place in Ankara over the next year and is based on the notion of the mutual exchange of youth. The students discussed a European Culture & Art Initiative under the chairmanship of Levent Arslan, who lives in Germany, and Gergedan İnisiyatifi, who is represented by the Chairman of Communication and
Design at Bilkent University, Andreas Treske, who is a German living in Turkey. Owing to this partnership, the participating students, who have shared ambitions in film, communications, and new media methods, were able to share their experiences with their peers in Germany. The meeting and workshop with the German and Turkish young people also furthered the goals of the project by helping both countries become acquainted with and analyze their common history and culture while discussing concepts including democracy, multiculturalism, the European Union, and European Citizenship. The Ankara contingency included the following 4th year students from Bilkent's Communication and Design Department, Duygu Nas, Gizem Demirel, Eda Sancaktar, Özgür Atalagan and Başak Kalaycıoğlu.

For more information on the project and film festival visit their websites: http://www.comd.bilkent.edu.tr/gergedan/   and

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European Enlargement Commissioner Speaks at Bilkent

On October 4th Mr. Olli Rehn, a member of the European Commission, responsible for Enlargement, visited Bilkent
University and met with international relations students at Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. In his speech titled, "Europe's Next Frontiers," Mr. Rehn shared his views on the enlargement process of the European Union with the Bilkent audience, underlining the distinction between "border" and "frontier," and provided an analysis
of the current political climate of Europe in this sense. Mr. Rehn handled the "widening" and "deepening" of the EU with comparisons between Europe's previous adventures of enlargement, and insisted that the next frontiers of Europe would be in the direction of extending the European zone of peace, liberty, and prosperity.

Mr. Rehn used the term pacta sunt servanda, meaning Europe would keep its existing commitments to Turkey, Croatia and other Western Balkan countries.

Mr. Rehn also reminded the audience of the importance of the reform process as part of Turkey's accession to the EU, and explained Turkey's EU journey: "How long it will be, depends mostly on Turkey and its reforms." Mr. Rehn criticized some of the EU leaders who assert "privileged partnership" for Turkey instead of full and equal membership and also said that their speeches erode the EU's credibility and weakened the conditionality of Turkey's potential accession. Mr. Rehn finished his lecture with the following words: "If we want to have a European Turkey, and have it on our side, it should be clear which option we must choose." Mr. Rehn also said he would publish a book on this issue.
Mr. Rehn was born in Finland in 1962 and earned his M.A. degree in political science from the University of Helsinki in 1989, and his Ph.D. from Oxford University in 1996. He is currently the youngest member of the European Commission.
Erkan Bayır (MBG/III)

A Week at Bilkent
with the President of
City University of
Hong Kong

H.K Chang, President of the City University of Hong Kong, visited Bilkent University last week, and met with administrators and faculty members.

Prof. Chang Hsin-kang has been visiting universities across the world to hear advice and thoughts from academicians of diverse nations in order to gain insight into the development of a new curriculum he is working on, to be presented in 2012 by his university.

Prof. Chang Hsin-kang completed his M.S. in Structural Engineering at Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University and is eager to learn about a diverse range of cultures, civilizations and history.

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