Volume 15, Number 3
October 7, 2008

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Share Your Experiences and Help Bilkent Grow

btoBilkent's Information Office for Prospective Students (Bilgi ve Tanıtım Ofisi - BTO) is seeking new volunteers for its Student Guides Team. This team plays a major role in providing high school students and their parents with first-hand information about all aspects of student life at Bilkent. During the academic year, Student Guides organize and conduct campus tours for visiting high schools and traveling to education fairs held throughout the country. Summer tours are particularly important in helping prospective university students in their decisions.

Guides are expected to do nothing more than share their Bilkent University experiences. However, to help provide accurate information about the University, training sessions will be provided by experienced guides.

Students interested in joining the Student Guides Team should apply to Ayça Kurgan at the Information Office for Prospective Students, room G-07 in the Engineering building, no later than October 17. Selected applicants will be interviewed. For more information, please call ext. 3412.

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