Volume 15, Number 3
October 7, 2008

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Moodle: Technology for a Better Learning Experience

moodleHave YOU heard of Moodle? Wondering what Moodle is? Well, here is your answer! Moodle is a system used worldwide for instructional purposes. At Bilkent it is used to deliver courses electronically through easily accessible documents, forums and assignments to enhance out-of-class communication and interaction, and improve teaching by integrating new instructional technologies.

All Bilkent students, instructors and guest users invited by instructors can use Moodle. Bilkent offers four different Moodle services: Bilkent Courses Online, General Courses Online, BUSEL Courses Online and Previous Moodle Service.

The Bilkent Instructional Technology Support Unit (BITS) and Bilkent Computer Center (BCC) work together to provide Moodle services. BITS also organizes workshops, prepares guides, answers any queries you may have and helps with instructional technology related issues. For more information on BITS activities please contact bits@bilkent.edu.tr.

For Moodle related issues, please email moodle@bilkent.edu.tr.

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