Volume 15, Number 3
October 7, 2008

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This Week

We appreciate feedback from our readers
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Bilkent News wants people just like you
to be Student Reporters!

Bilkent News provides the Bilkent community with news and information about university events. Unfortunately, the paper won't write itself. That's why YOUR help is needed! We are currently seeking eager student reporters, writers and photographers to cover the following areas: Campus Events-Interviews-Arts and Culture-Music.

For more information on any of these positions, and to get an application form, please stop by the Communications Unit in the Engineering Building, Main Campus, Room G-22, or call ext. 1487. You can also send an email to: seckin@bilkent.edu.tr

Hey, while we are on the subject, we want every Bilkenter to know that they are welcome to get involved! Bilkent News invites all students and faculty to become active contributors to your weekly newspaper. Feel free to contact us to submit articles of interest or photographs.

Bilkent News Staff

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Bilkent News Welcomes Feedback From Readers.
This newsletter will print letters received from readers.
Please submit your letters to bilnews@bilkent.edu.tr
or to the Communications Unit, Engineering Building, room EG-23, ext. 1487.
The Editorial Board will review the letters and print according to available space.