Volume 15, Number 3
October 7, 2008

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The Ultimate Experience:
Expose Yourself to the Excitement

Think of the best elements of soccer, American football, and basketball - constant movement, stamina, the need for passing skills and an offensive/ defensive approach.
This is Ultimate Frisbee. Two seven-player teams square off, following a set of rules that keeps the pace fast, and exciting for up to two hours.

The rules of Ultimate Frisbee tend to be simpler than other games, but that doesn't mean the same amount of athletism is not needed. And, the beauty of the sport is that there are no gender divisions, with some teams being co-ed. It's about the "Spirit of the Game" - an activity that has stressed sportsmanship and fair play since official rules were drawn up in 1970.

A group of students and instructors at Bilkent who have a passion for Ultimate Frisbee are building an official Bilkent team. It will be the first ever in Ankara! They need you to join them, not only to play Ultimate Frisbee at least two times a week, but also to have the chance to meet with students and instructors from all over the world!

Why not give it a try? Contact Seray Öztürk at serayo@bilkent.edu.tr, or Ahsen Küçükdurmaz at ahsen@bilkent.edu.tr for further information. Or you can call either
ext. 1993 or ext. 3339.

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