Bilkent Researchers Awarded Prestigious European Grants

Assistant Professor Michelle Adams of the Department of Psychology and Assistant Professor Ebru Erbay of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics were awarded the prestigious 2010 European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Installation Grant and the European Commission Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant, respectively. These grants, regarded amongst the most prestigious in the European Research Area, reflect the internationally competitive nature of the research endeavors at Bilkent University and provide an invaluable impetus for scientific excellence.

Michelle Adams
Dr. Adams received a 2010 Installation Grant from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Dr. Adams, one of six life science researchers who received the honor, will use the award amount to continue her work regarding caloric restriction and aging. These grants are designed to help new researchers set up their research groups in Europe.

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Bilge Karasu Symposium Held

Bilge Karasu, prominent author of 20th-century Turkish literature, was commemorated and appreciated with a one-and-a-half day symposium, "Altı Ay Bir Güz" ["Six Months An Autumn"], held by the Center for Turkish Literature on December 13th and 14th. The opening address was given by Prof. Talat Sait Halman, dean of the faculty of humanities and letters at Bilkent University. The keynote speech was delivered by Prof. Aron Aji, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at St. Ambrose University, Iowa, U.S.A., who has translated Karasu's Troya'da Ölüm Vardı [Death in Troy] and Göçmüş Kediler Bahçesi [The Garden of Departed Cats].

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Nighttime Study Areas Open During Finals

The Fall semester is almost ending, and as we all know final exams will soon be upon us. During finals, three cafes on campus will stay open for 24 hours for those who will be studying late at night. The Ala Carte Cafeteria in the Engineering Building will serve beverages 24 hours a day between December 20 and January 13. Sofa Cafe in Dorms 69 and 70 and Mozart Cafe in B Building will also serve beverages 24 hours a day between January 1 and 13.

End Of Semester Performance from International Students

On Thursday, December 16 all of the international students, as well as an audience of members of the staff and an array of Turkish students, gathered in the C-Block Auditorium for a special event: the end of the semester show, performed by international students in Turkish. This event's purpose is to demonstrate how much they have learned over the past 4 months in their Turkish language classes at Bilkent as well as to entertain their fellow students with their language skills, acting, and dancing talents and creativity.

Many different groups presented plays, each one original in itself, yet there seemed to be main theme of the plays: love. Whether it was two people coming together from different cultures, love at first sight, or tragic love between supporters of different football teams, love was definitely in the air and on the stage that Thursday evening.

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