Prof. Metin Heper Edits Journal Issue on Civil-Military Relations in Turkey

The vice rector for academic affairs, Prof. Metin Heper, has served as the guest editor for a special issue of the journal Turkish Studies, published on the topic of

"Civil-Military Relations in Turkey" (June 2011). The issue includes the following articles: "Civil Military Relations in the Second Constitutional Period, 1908-1918," by M. Şükrü Hanioğlu

"The Turkish Republic and its Army, 1923-1960," by William Hale

"Military Coups and Turkish Democracy, 1960-1980," by George S. Harris

"Concordance and Disconcordance in Turkish Civil-Military Relations, 1980-2002," by Nilüfer Narlı

"Ergenekon, New Pacts, and the Decline of the Turkish 'Inner State,'" by Ersel Aydınlı

"Civil-Military Relations in Turkey: Toward a Liberal Model?" by Metin Heper

"Transformation of Turkey's Civil-Military Relations Culture and International Environment," by Ali L. Karaosmanoğlu

"Civil-Military Relations Beyond Dichotomy: With Special Reference to Turkey," by Zeki Sarıgil

"Civil-Military Relations in Europe, the Middle East and Turkey," by Nil S. Satana

"Turkish Civil-Military Relations: A Latin American Comparison," by David Pion-Berlin

Turkish Studies, edited by Barry Rubin, is a peer-reviewed journal, published four times a year by Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis, London.