Volume 5, Number 10
23 November 1998

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An Evening of Poetry with Bülent Ecevit

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit will be the quest of honor at the celebration of the establishment of Bilkent's new Department of Turkish Literature and the Center for Turkish Literature during a special evening of poetry readings Wednesday, December 2, at 8 p.m. at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Concert Hall. The event will feature, a speech by Professor Talat Halman, the recitation of Bülent Ecevit poems by Ayten Gökçer and Cüneyt Gökçer, a speech by Bülent Ecevit on poetry, and a question-and-answer session with him.

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Student ID
Validation Begins

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Students who already have permanent Bilkent Student Identification Cards should report to their departments to get their ID stickers for the 1998-99 academic year on the dates posted at their departments.

Students who were admitted to Bilkent this year with temporary Student Identification Cards can exchange them for Permanent Cards at the Registrar's Office according to the schedules available at the departments.

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Bilkent to Celebrate Teachers' Day

Bilkent University will celebrate Teachers' Day (November 24) with a program including a panel discussion on Wednesday, November 25, at FEASS C-Block Auditorium. The program will start at 2:30 p.m. and Rector Ali Doğramacı will make the opening remarks.

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Snow Info on the Airwaves

Now that winter is around the corner we may wake up to a knee-high snowfall any morning! If this happens on a weekday, don't just stay in bed! Instead, turn your radio on and tune in to Radio Bilkent 106.7 FM to find out if classes have been delayed or cancelled. Most of the time when there is a heavy snowfall the morning classes are held later in the day rather than being cancelled.

Radio Bilkent's New Members Complete Training
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Last week Radio Bilkent completed its training for new members and 25 students became new Radio Bilkenters.

Başak Gürtuna, Özge Girgin, Burcu Çataltepe, Tolga Tümay, Serkan Nalbant, Özlem Ekici, Cenkler Yain, Erlap Delikkaya, and Hilal Emeksiz are new Radio Bilkent Public Relations Representatives.

Barın Kaya, Serden Genç, Tayfun Okman, Esen Kaynak, Lora Sucuyan, Ayca Palancılar, Barış Atiker, Ümran Özer, Filiz Emel Eryılmaz, Özgür Ozangüç, Sefa Başer, Hande Dilaver, Mehmetcan Akpınar, Ciğdem Tacir, Bülent Saygur, and Umut Canbaz are new Radio Bilkent Alternative DJs. We wish good luck to all new members during their work with Radio Bilkent Alternative 106.7.

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