Volume 6, Number 10
29 November 1999

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Chopin Lovers: Chopin Competition to Start

The First International Chopin Piano Competition will be held at Bilkent between December 1st and 8th in which pianists of ages 16 to 27 will be performing pieces by Chopin. During the daytime, young artists will play for the jury and the audience. On the evenings of December 2 and 4, two masters from the jury, Krzystof Jablonski and Guillermo Gonzalez, will perform recitals. Other members of the jury are İdil Biret, Peter Katin, Marek Pijarowski, György Sandor and Salvatore Spano. On December 8, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will accompany the winner in the 'Final Concert' which will be followed by an award ceremony...

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Fourth Bilkent Tourism Forum to Take Place

The Fourth Bilkent Tourism Forum, organized by the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, will be held on Thursday and Friday this week, December 2 and 3. The Forum will take place in the Sakarya Room of Hotel Bilkent, Ankara.

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Top Ranked Students Continue to Choose Bilkent

Based on the results announced recently by the national Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), Bilkent University continues to get many of the best students again.

In the 1999-2000 university placement, the 100 top scorers in each category that selected Bilkent are as follows...

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Traffic Steals Another Life

Bilkent has lost Sinan Karacadağ (FBA-I) in a traffic accident on the Eskişehir Highway on Saturday, November 20...

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Earthquake Region Visited

The Dean of Students' Office organized a day trip to Adapazarı Bezek and Düzce-Kaynaşlı regions on Sunday, November 21. Two buses with students, academic and administrative staff went to the tent housing units to give the donations collected at Bilkent for the survivors, and also to share a day with the residents at the region...

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