“As She Likes It”: Don Randall’s New Drama Project

23 September 2014 Comments Off on “As She Likes It”: Don Randall’s New Drama Project

Assoc. Prof. Don Randall (ELIT) has a new drama project scheduled for performance in mid-December. “As She Likes It” is a reworking of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy “As You Like It,” which

Dr. Randall has conceived for an

all-female production. Shakespeare’s theater, in his own time, was all male, due to laws forbidding women from appearing on stage. Dr. Randall believes that Shakespeare used the legal constraints upon theatrical presentation to put forward a critical perspective on the function of gender in his society, and he hopes his all-female production will offer new reflection on gender roles and gender identity.

Several substantial roles are still available. Contact Don Randall at randall@bilkent.edu.tr or at his Bilkent office, ext. 2195. Interested performers can also attend the rehearsal this evening (Tuesday, September 23) at 5:30 p.m. in

C-Blok Auditorium. The production also requires an assistant director.

Dr. Randall’s previous productions, “The Salvation of Stephen Dedalus” (2012) and “Triestine Joyce” (2013) have included international exchange students as well as students from a broad variety of academic disciplines.