Asst. Prof. Fatih İnci Named Scientist of the Year

19 December 2022 Comments Off on Asst. Prof. Fatih İnci Named Scientist of the Year

Asst. Prof. Fatih İnci has received the Scientist of the Year award from the Science Heroes Association. This award is given to scientists who contribute to the fields of basic sciences and engineering at an international level and lead the way in increasing the visibility and development of these fields in Turkey.

Dr. İnci’s research work at UNAM is concentrated in the innovative technology areas of biosensors, micro/nano-scale technologies, laboratory-on-a-chip and biomedical engineering. Accordingly, Dr. İnci develops ultra-sensitive sensors and microfluidic platforms to tackle the diagnostic challenges of increasingly prevalent illnesses, such as infectious diseases and cancer, and to minimize inequalities in healthcare, even in areas lacking access to health resources.