At Radio Bilkent, It’s All in the Family

26 November 2018 Comments Off on At Radio Bilkent, It’s All in the Family

Students who work at our campus radio station often refer to themselves as “the Radio Bilkent family.” And it’s more than just a phrase – this student-run station goes all out to make its volunteer staff feel at home. An excellent example is the “secret friend” activity conducted each semester.

First, the station’s human resources unit sends out a form with questions about people’s interests and activities, like their favorite color, TV show, book, etc. Then the forms are collected, and each staff member draws one at random. Now everyone has a secret friend!

Over the next three weeks, each person prepares little surprises for their friend, like snacks, pens, juice or coffee, which are left with the recipient’s name and a note in hiding places around the station. When staffers come in to work at the station, they find these small gifts just when they’re not expecting anything.

At the end of those three weeks, everyone gathers to present their final gifts and learn who their own secret friend is. During this time, staffers have formed new, closer bonds with each other, and more often than not have found themselves starting to spend more and more time at the station, even when they’re not working: it’s all part of being a member of the Radio Bilkent family.