Attendance Taking Meets Facial Recognition in FaceAtt

03 December 2018 Comments Off on Attendance Taking Meets Facial Recognition in FaceAtt

Sepehr Elahi, a second-year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, has developed an application for taking class attendance. Called FaceAtt, the new app is designed to streamline the attendance-taking process, save paper and cause fewer in-class distractions by offering instructors and teaching assistants a mobile app where they can view their students’ attendance records and take attendance either manually or automatically.

Instructors who prefer can use the traditional way of ticking each student present manually, while the automatic option, described as the highlight of the app, allows instructors to take a photo of the class and then have the app automatically mark each student in the room present via facial recognition. The app learns students’ faces over time, so as the instructor continues to take attendance, the recognition process improves.

The app is available for Android devices; to download it, you can go to