Attila Şenkon Publishes New Book

30 March 2021 Comments Off on Attila Şenkon Publishes New Book

A new book by Attila Şenkon, architect in the Construction and Maintenance Office, has been published by İletişim Yayınları. “Hoş Bulduk Hayat” tells a story that begins with the finding of  an unpublished text in the study of a poet who has passed away. The mysterious  narrative is clarified by means of additional fragments that a young, determined editor combines with the meticulousness of a detective.

In addition to his day job as an architect at Bilkent, Mr. Şenkon is a prolific author of novels and short stories for both adults and children, some of which works have been made into films. “Hoş Bulduk Hayat” is his 12th book.