BASE 2020 Exhibition Features COMD Graduate’s Work

01 December 2020 Comments Off on BASE 2020 Exhibition Features COMD Graduate’s Work

A work by Department of Communication and Design 2020 graduate and current MFA student Elif Gözde Korkmaz was displayed at the BASE 2020 exhibition, which took place November 20–25 at the Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center in İstanbul and also online.

BASE brings together in a single exhibition works by new graduates from fine arts faculties across Turkey. This year, works by 102 young artists who graduated in 2020 from 32 universities in 22 provinces were selected for showing. The artistic disciplines and media represented included sculpture, photography and video, graphic design, visual communication design, printmaking, textiles, glass and ceramics.

Elif’s contribution to the exhibition was a series of photographic collages that she had created for her graduation project in the COMD482 course last spring. In the work, titled “Wanderlust,” she addressed the theme of unity.

Describing the concept underlying the collages, Elif said, “I’m talking about the unity of everything, and the way in which, because of this unity, everything complements each other and together can be part of a continuity that makes up a whole. With that in mind, I took photographs that seemed completely independent from each other, laid them on top of each other and created an integrated design through elements such as lines, colors, textures and shadows.”

“Wanderlust” may be viewed online at