BELS Berlin Drama Debut

27 December 2016 Comments Off on BELS Berlin Drama Debut

This month, Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School high school students traveled to Berlin to perform the play “Otogargara.”

The BELS Turkish Theater Club, which has been active for eight years, had given its 18th performance on the BELS stage before going abroad for the first time. The Turkish Embassy in Berlin sponsored this activity, which was an unforgettable experience for all the students.

The play, performed at Berlin’s Theater 28 under the direction of BELS drama teacher Emre Aksakallı, received a warm response from the city’s theatergoers. Presenting scenes from Turkey, the play provided Turkish expats living in Germany with a bit of nostalgia. “Otogargara” takes place in a bus station, with characters including students, soldiers, patients and prisoners, who represent slices of Turkish life and cultural motifs.