BELS Students Attend Roboschool in Germany

14 October 2014 Comments Off on BELS Students Attend Roboschool in Germany

Recently, two Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School students participated in the Roboschool program held at Chemnitz University of Technology by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The program offered students an introduction to existing robot technology, its current use and its future potential.

BELS students Ahmet Sedat Kargın and Mustafa Necati Ayaz traveled to Germany to attend Roboschool. There, they learned about the fundamental features and working principles of robots, and applied their knowledge by soldering with hard solder and connecting devices to a circuit that had the basic structure of a robot.

Ahmet and Mustafa also examined programs that are used to design robots in 3D. They programmed a robot, Nao, that can dance and speak like ASIMO (an advanced humanoid robot designed by Honda). In order to see the use of robots in daily life, Roboschool students went to the Volkswagen motor factory, where robots are used to produce motors.

In addition to learning about robotics, the BELS students experienced another culture, made new friends and improved their German by conversing with native speakers. They toured some of the facilities at TU Chemnitz and also traveled by high-speed train to Dresden, where they saw both natural and historic landmarks.