Big Opportunities in Big Data Discussed at Bilkent-TÜSİAD ISF Panel

07 December 2015 Comments Off on Big Opportunities in Big Data Discussed at Bilkent-TÜSİAD ISF Panel

On December 3, the Bilkent University–TÜSİAD Information Society Forum held a panel titled “Bütük Veriden Büyük Fırsatlara” at the Bilkent Hotel’s İstanbul Conference Room. The panel focused on “big data,” exploring the ways in which large-scale data can be transformed into new opportunities by businesses and organizations.

The session opened with introductory remarks by Prof. H. Altay Güvenir, chair of the Department of Computer Engineering and director of the Forum, and Esin Güral Argat, a member of TÜSİAD’s Board of Directors and co-chair of the Forum’s executive committee.

In his remarks, Prof. Güvenir stated, “We need to be one step ahead; rather than just following the developments in big-data technology, we need to be the ones developing the technology that others follow.” He encouraged IT companies to conduct more R & D projects in partnership with universities.

For her part, Ms. Esin Güral Argat focused on the perspective from the business world, noting that big data can give companies a competitive edge and improve their performance.

The keynote speaker for the event was Gökhan Öğüt, the CEO of Vodafone. In his speech, he pointed out the value of big data in the information age as a tool to advance the goal of digitalization.

Concluding the introductory portion of the panel, the president of TÜSİAD’s Board of Directors, Cansen Başaran-Symes, spoke about TÜSİAD’s endeavors to make Turkey ever more successful as a global competitor.

The event then proceeded with presentations by the panelists, who included Arvento General Director Özer Hıncal, Software Development Director Yiğit Darçın, Noktacom Medya CEO Tümay Asena, Insider Big Data engineer Burak Özen and Genfomatik CSO Yeşim Aydın Son.

As well as sharing their companies’ success stories, the participants discussed potential opportunities in big data analytics, the sectors that are expected to come to the fore in this context, export potentials, and problems and possible solutions.

Established in April 2015 through the collaboration of Bilkent University and TÜSİAD (the Turkish Industry and Business Association), the Information Society Forum is devoted to studying mid- and long-term policies that will advance Turkey’s transition to an information society, and contributing to such policies by promoting the concept of an “information society.” The forum organizes workshops, seminars and conferences to create and to share knowledge on related issues.

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