Bilkent Composition Student Receives Award in Switzerland

15 October 2018 Comments Off on Bilkent Composition Student Receives Award in Switzerland

Emre Eröz, a composition student in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, was recently awarded second prize in the pre-art Competition for Young Composers for his ensemble piece “Amnesia.”

Based in Switzerland, pre-art is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote “excellence by featuring rarely performed musical works” as well as by sponsoring a competition for composers. This year was the 11th time that the competition has been held.

Emre was especially commended for his personal style and skill in instrumentation by the international jury (which did not award a first prize this year). His five-minute-long piece will premiere on March 26, 2019, in Basel, to be followed by a second performance in Winterthur on the following day. He has been invited to Switzerland to assist with the rehearsals and concerts.

Arda Turhan (MUS/I)