Bilkent Faculty Members Receive Fellowships Under New TÜBİTAK Program

22 December 2020 Comments Off on Bilkent Faculty Members Receive Fellowships Under New TÜBİTAK Program

Seven Bilkent faculty members have been awarded International Fellowships for Outstanding Researchers from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) this year.The International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers is a new TÜBİTAK line of funding. It provides support to researchers with significant scientific and/or technological achievements and international work experience, enabling them to conduct their research in leading institutions of higher education, industrial concerns or public institutions, and to contribute in areas that are of strategic value to Turkey.

Recipients of the award and their project titles are listed below.

Eliza Gheorghe, IR: “The Globalization of the Atom: Nuclear Trade and the Spread of Atomic Weapons”

Gürkan Yeşilöz, UNAM: “High-Throughput Quantification of the Interaction of Cells and Biomolecules in 3D Micro-Tissues for Anticancer Drug Testing With Enabling Droplet Microfluidic Platforms”

Fatih İnci, UNAM: “Detecting Urinary Exosome Biomarkers for Precision Health and Early Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury”

Serkan Belkaya, MBG: “Genetic and Immunological Dissection of Acute Liver Failure in Children”

İbrahim Sarpkaya, UNAM: “Controlling Photophysics of Defect Emission in Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN)”

Erdinç Tatar, EE/UNAM: “A Circular MEMS Gyroscope With On-Chip Stress Compensation”

Sedat Özer, CS: “Automated Object Detection for UAVs With Deep Learning by Using Temporal Information as the Third Dimension”