Bilkent Faculty Receive BAGEP Awards

09 April 2019 Comments Off on Bilkent Faculty Receive BAGEP Awards

Six Bilkent faculty members have received Distinguished Young Scientist (BAGEP) awards for 2019. The awards are given by the Science Academy Association (Bilim Akademisi Derneği), established in 2011 “to promote, practice and uphold the principles of scientific merit, freedom and integrity.” The objective of the BAGEP program is to recognize highly promising young scientists and assist them in furthering their investigations.

This year, 43 scientists were named BAGEP award recipients. The Bilkent awardees are: Asst. Prof. Çağlar Elbüken, UNAM; Asst. Prof. Gül Günaydın, Department of Psychology; Assoc. Prof. Fehmi Tanrısever, Department of Business Administration; Asst. Prof. Cem Tekin, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Asst. Prof. Efe Tokdemir, Department of International Relations; and Asst. Prof. Yunus Emre Türkmen, Department of Chemistry.

A ceremony to honor the award recipients will be held on April 26 at Hacettepe University.