‘Bilkent Goes Green’ Project Aims at Sustainability

23 November 2021 Comments Off on ‘Bilkent Goes Green’ Project Aims at Sustainability

A Bilkent IAED class has taken the lead in promoting a new sustainability initiative on campus. Students in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design’s TV Set Design course have pledged to reduce, reuse and recycle. They are also reaching out to encourage others to do the same through the Instagram account for their project “Bilkent Goes Green.”

“IAED students will one day be responsible for designing a better future for everyone,” says course instructor Irmak Özman. “Right now, they’re learning the importance of sustainable and ecofriendly design through their courses. To apply this to life, we’re starting with the basics to improve the quality of our lives both on and outside of our campus.”

Since design courses often involve the use of cardboard and other materials to make scale models, the students are reusing cardboard for their projects, as well as reusing paper for drafting their designs.

They started by collecting models from last year’s course, which they took apart to provide materials for their own projects. Political Science and Public Administration students pitched in by bringing shipping boxes and other used cardboard to FF Building, where the design studios are located. “We now have plenty for future use!” declared Ms. Özman.

Class members are also doing their best to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, switching to stainless steel straws and bringing their own water bottles and coffee cups.

Everyone can join in the effort for sustainability by putting recyclable waste items into the recycling bins found at many locations on campus; by throwing plastic bottle caps into the cap collection box that TDP volunteers placed in U Building; and by bringing their own reusable water bottles and refilling them at the potable water taps in B Building. By acting as a team, members of the Bilkent community can both protect the environment and help maintain the university’s position as a leader in environmental awareness.

To keep up with news about the initiative, please follow @bilkentgoesgreen on Instagram. Project members will also be glad to post everyone’s news about their ecofriendly actions on the account.