Bilkent Joins FISU Healthy Campus Program

18 October 2022 Comments Off on Bilkent Joins FISU Healthy Campus Program

Bilkent University is the first Turkish University to apply for the FISU Healthy Campus programme, which enhances the well­-being of students and campus communities. Looking to reverse the trend of young adults compromising their health during their academic careers, the initiative covers most segments of university life and aims to foster a favorable and harmonious environment.

The program will award 19 universities with platinum certificates, six with gold, nine with silver, six with bronze and eight with basic certificates.

Bilkent University aims to be awarded the “platinum” certificate at the end of the two-year evaluation period. Ahsen Küçükdurmaz, Director of Physical Education and the Sports Center, will carry out the application and progress follow-up.

The program includes seven healthy campus domains: healthy campus management ensures the program runs smoothly through strategic planning and the involvement of and commitment by university leadership; physical activity and sport, at the heart of the program, boost healthy bodies and minds; nutrition, as it plays an essential part in health and development; disease prevention of communicable and non-communicable disease; mental and social health support through providing psychological support on campus and promoting social relations between campus members and local communities; and risk assessment awareness by informing and supporting students to prevent dangerous behaviors. The program integrates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to meet the needs of the campus community for generations to come, while making decisions that protect the planet.