Bilkent MBA Students Enter Bloomberg “Hall of Fame”

17 September 2014 Comments Off on Bilkent MBA Students Enter Bloomberg “Hall of Fame”

Each year, thousands of students interested in a career in finance take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), which measures individuals’ strengths and weaknesses as related to a career in finance. Employers such as investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms use the BAT to find graduates who are a good fit for their positions.

Two Bilkent MBA students who took the BAT this spring achieved exceptional success on the test, landing them in the Bloomberg “Hall of Fame.”

Burak Memiş received a score of 690 (out of 800), and Gökhan Tufan scored 680, placing them in fourth and fifth place, respectively, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the month of April.

Bilkent News caught up with both students to ask about their reactions to the test results.

Burak Memiş had this to say:

“When I got the results of the BAT, I felt that two years of hard work had finally paid off. It was proof of the distance I had come in those two years, and I really appreciate it. This has allowed me to position myself clearly in the global pool of professionals, and I think it would not have been possible without the MBA program at Bilkent University. What matters now is to advance on my career path, utilizing the skills, knowledge and network that I gained at Bilkent. As a new graduate of the program, I think I’m one step ahead, thanks to the knowledge base I established and the friends that I made during my MBA studies.”

Gökhan Tufan also gave credit to the program for his success:

“This is not a personal achievement. This is an achievement of the Bilkent MBA faculty and my colleagues. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering; the Bilkent MBA has added background in management, finance and economics to my skill set. This leads one to excel not only on the BAT but also in the business world. When you get the right information from the right people, you start to learn how to exploit it. The Bilkent MBA program is the best place to boost your potential.”