Bilkent News Seeks Student Volunteers

10 May 2022 Comments Off on Bilkent News Seeks Student Volunteers

Bilkent News is in search of students who wish to become part of the newspaper’s team! Several opportunities will be available starting in the 2022 fall semester. For information on any of the positions listed below, please send an email to


Student Webmaster

The student webmaster updates the Bilkent News website weekly. Skill requirements: WordPress, html/css, Photoshop proficiency.


A photographer-and-friendly-interviewer-in-one prepares the paper’s “International Chronicles” feature, in which members of the university’s diverse body of international students share a little bit about themselves and their experiences here at Bilkent.

Student Columnists

Student columnists write weekly or biweekly pieces offering their opinions or observations about student life, current events, or areas of interest such as music, film or travel.  If you’re interested in writing for Bilkent News, please submit two writing samples to