Bilkent Students Meet the Quesadilla Challenge

24 April 2019 Comments Off on Bilkent Students Meet the Quesadilla Challenge

Last week, the Tourism Club held its “Hunger Games” event: a contest where students compete to prepare an attractive, tasty meal using only the recipes and ingredients provided. The two-hour competition took place in the Tourism and Hotel Management department’s practice restaurant, Le Piment Rouge, on the afternoon of April 16.

Twenty students from a variety of departments participated (THM students were not eligible to compete). First, THM instructors Elif Denizci and Yaşar Bülent Karaoğlu gave a quick introduction to the department and the kitchen. Then, working in teams of two, the competitors raced to create their menus, cook and plate the food, and clean up their preparation areas within the allotted time. For this year’s Hunger Games, participants were challenged to prepare a meal with quesadillas as the main dish.

When the time was up, Ms. Denizci and Mr. Karaoğlu, serving as the jury, rated the teams’ work in terms of taste, appearance and hygiene. Öykü Baratan, president of the Tourism Club, then announced the results and presented awards to the top three teams; prizes were brunch at the Bilkent Hotel and lunch at Le Piment Rouge.