Bilkent Students Visit Classical Sites in Western Turkey

30 November 2015 Comments Off on Bilkent Students Visit Classical Sites in Western Turkey


On Saturday, November 14, 15 Bilkent students and faculty members headed west for a three-day tour of Classical archaeological sites.

Early on Saturday morning, participants met with Günay, the bus driver, near the entrance of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters building. They then headed toward three important sites near Denizli.

Dr. Jacques Morin (Department of Archaeology) led the tour, providing students with educational handouts and commentary at each of the sites. Assisting him was Erin Maloney, instructor from the Department of Banking and Finance and computer consultant for various projects in the Department of Archaeology.

Late Saturday afternoon, the tour started with a visit to the Hierapolis Museum in Pamukkale. Students were able to learn about the history of the Hellenistic and Roman periods as well as enjoy Pamukkale’s spectacular natural beauty.

On Sunday, the group spent the entire day at the Roman city of Aphrodisias, visiting the extensive city ruins as well as the museum, with its impressive collection of sculpture.

On Monday morning and early afternoon, the group toured the site of Laodikeia, important in both Classical and Byzantine times, before heading back to Bilkent.

“Students were able to see historic sites for themselves, helping them tremendously in their understanding of important objects and monuments that they had seen before only in pictures,” said Dr. Morin.

The group stayed at the Öğretmen Evi (Teacher’s Accommodations) in Denizli, near Pamukkale University.

Twelve students from the Department of Archaeology (Akbay Tugan, Andy Beard, Burcu Tepebaş, Ece Can, Eda Doğa Aras, Ela Altay, Emrah Dinç, Emre Dalkılıç, Joanna Golec, Merve Günel, Merve Uca and Rida Arif Siddiqui) and one from the Department of International Relations (Furkan Fıratlı) participated in the trip.