Bilkent Tigers Begin Their Second Year With High Hopes

27 December 2016 Comments Off on Bilkent Tigers Begin Their Second Year With High Hopes

The Bilkent water polo team was established at the end of 2015 and within two months was participating in the university league. Led by its captain, Orkun Alkan, the seven-member squad was ready to compete against more experienced teams, but was unable to make it to the playoffs; not surprising, since in addition to this being its first season, the team did not have enough members to make substitutions and everyone had to stay in the pool throughout the entirety of its five matches. (In this physically demanding sport, six field players and a goalkeeper are in the water at any one time.)

This year, the team added a number of new members and started training at the very beginning of the semester. With the help of three practice sessions each week, the leadership of Orkun Alkan and the guidance of Coach Serkan Pektaş, the players have been able to gain more experience, strength and confidence in their game. Now known as the Bilkent Tigers, the team is more than ready to fight in the pool to take the next step; their goal is to qualify for the playoffs, and perhaps even win the championship.

Captain Orkun has a message for Bilkenters: “This team was established through effort and patience. We’re a family both in and out of the pool, and I’m calling on everyone who is either experienced in or just enthusiastic about playing the sport to join our family and help us develop this sport in Turkey. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.”