Bilkent University Library Saved From a Ghost!

01 December 2014 Comments Off on Bilkent University Library Saved From a Ghost!

Last week, a contest entitled “Ghost in the Library,” organized by the Bilkent University Library as a Halloween event, came to an end. The object of the contest, which started on October 31, was to complete a series of missions outlined on the Library’s Facebook and Twitter pages in order to save the building from the ghost of Mehmet Öztürk, a fictional librarian who was killed 10 years ago and and whose spirit was said to have remained in the library, haunting the users.

On November 28, the contest winner, fourth-year Business Administration student Gonca Araz, received the top prize (a D&R Bookstore gift card) from Library Director David Thornton. The award ceremony took place in the Library. According to Dr. Thornton, the Library will be holding more competitions in the future.