Bilkent Youth Symphony in Germany

14 October 2014 Comments Off on Bilkent Youth Symphony in Germany

Last month, the Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra traveled to Germany as the partner orchestra in “Beethoven ile Buluşma – Encounter with Beethoven,” performing concerts in Berlin and Bonn as part of the Orchestra Campus project sponsored jointly by BeethovenFest Bonn and Deustche Welle.

The focus of “Beethoven ile Buluşma – Encounter with Beethoven,” now in its third year, is on musical partnership with Turkey. This year, the BYSO came together with alumni and musicians from music schools around Turkey to perform at BeethovenFest 2014. The youth orchestra also took part in street music events and hosted children from elementary schools for a special concert.

At their BeethovenFest concert at the Beethoven Halle in Bonn on September 23, the BYSO, conducted by Işın Metin and joined by a quartet of German and Turkish soloists, performed Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

On September 25 the orchestra played in Berlin, where the program included Beethoven’s Violin Concerto. A new work commissioned by BeethovenFest and composed for the occasion by FMPA Asst. Prof. Tolga Yayalar  premiered in Bonn and was repeated in Berlin.