Bilkenters’ Choices for 2013 “Best TV” Awards Announced

03 February 2014 Comments Off on Bilkenters’ Choices for 2013 “Best TV” Awards Announced

Voting for the second annual Bilkent TV Awards (Bilkent Televizyon Ödülleri), organized by Sanatsal Etkinlikler Topluluğu (SET) and the Media Society, ended on January 3. Bilkent students’ choices for the best of television in 2013 were announced and awards presented to the winners.

During the preceding weeks, the two student clubs had conducted an online survey open to all students at Bilkent. The TV Awards are a market research project aimed at understanding Bilkenters’ preferences in television offerings.

The online survey consisted of 14 categories. Following the voting, results were finalized. Members of the two clubs traveled all the way to Istanbul to present the awards to the winners students had chosen. All of the winners were very happy to receive their awards and thanked Bilkent University for this unique experience.

Bilkenters’ choices for the awards were:
Best Drama Series – Medcezir
Best Drama Series Actor – Kenan İmirzalıoğlu
Best Drama Series Actress – Özgü Namal
Best News Channel – NTV
Mehmet Ali Birand Best News Anchor – İrfan Değirmenci
Best Comedy Series – Yalan Dünya
Best Comedy Series Actor – Ali Atay
Best Comedy Series Actress – Gonca Vuslateri
Best Sports Program – %100 Futbol
Best Sports Channel – NTV Spor
Best Talk Program – Gece Gündüz
Best Talk Show – Beyaz Show
Best Discussion Program – Aykırı Sorular
Best Game Show – Kim Milyoner Olmak İster?