Bilkenters Meet the Challenge

23 December 2019 Comments Off on Bilkenters Meet the Challenge

This fall’s Fitness and Swim Challenges, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center as part of the Sports as a Way of Life program, ended this month. Combined, the two challenges attracted 170 participants, who committed themselves to exercising two to five times a week over a four- to five-week period.

The challenges are held every semester, with the immediate goal being the accumulation of points; participants collect points each time they exercise, and can also earn extra points by attending the FitChallenge+ group activity. But the challenges’ ultimate aim is to make exercise a lifelong habit for Bilkenters.

Among this semester’s participants, 30 succeeded in meeting the challenge goal of collecting at least 120 points, and will be recognized at a reception to be held this evening at the university swimming pool building. The finishers who ended up with the most points in each challenge are listed below.


Fitness Challenge – Women

1. Nida Begüm Akgün

2. Marzana İshraq, Rawaan Hammoud

3. Hilal Peker


Fitness Challenge – Men

1. Aqiq İshraq, Noman Ali, Osama Zahid, Syed Muhammad Haris Ali

2. Muhammad Tamim Akhtar, Syed Muhammad Aun Jafri

3. Alper Dağgez, Muhammad Haris Afzal, Safee Adam Bin Abdul Raqeep, Vanshdeep Ashok


Swim Challenge – Women

1. Duygu Albayrak, Monireh Rahiminejat

2. Özen Ayşe Özbasa

3. Miri Besken


Swim Challenge – Men

1. Ömer Faruk Filiz

2. Ege Bora Oral

3. Utku Özgen Karagenç