BilWrite Is Back!

30 September 2013 Comments Off on BilWrite Is Back!

Asst. Prof. Louisa Jane Buckingham, director of BilWrite

As the 2013-14 academic year begins, BilWrite is once more fully staffed and ready to make this a successful new semester. This year, the center has a new director, Louisa Buckingham, who will work with a team of instructors from the Faculty of Academic English.

Their goal is to support all Bilkent students who would like help with or feedback on their writing in English. They encourage those who need advice on their written assignments, essays, reports, abstracts, statements of purpose, CVs, internship reports and other written work to take advantage of their services. (Please note that they are not able to provide support to students in the Prep program or ENG- and ELS-coded courses.)

BilWrite’s comfortable, bright and inviting central location is Room G-159 (just above Garanti Bank). Please e-mail them for an appointment: The BilWrite instructors look forward to assisting you with your work.