Book Collection Campaign

07 April 2014 Comments Off on Book Collection Campaign

Have you heard about a contest called “Who Will Win?” organized by TDP (Toplumsal Duyarlılık Projeleri/Social Awareness Projects)? It’s going on now, and here’s how it works: Book donation containers have been placed in several buildings on the East and Main campuses, with each container representing a different superhero. It’s really easy for you to participate in the contest and support your favorite superhero: grab some books you want to donate and put them in the container of whichever superhero you think is the strongest!

The contest is part of a book collection campaign currently being conducted by TDP. The donated books will help create or expand libraries in schools that lack sufficient resources, and will encourage children to develop the habit of reading. The campaign will continue through May 15.

The book donation containers can be found at the following locations:

Main Campus

  • FEASS Building security desk area
  • B Building entrance
  • Dean of Students building entrance
  • Library entrance
  • Dormitory 76

East Campus

  • C Building entrance
  • D Building entrance
  • R Building entrance

Tel: 290-2157