Campus Tree Renewal Project

25 September 2018 Comments Off on Campus Tree Renewal Project

This autumn, a tree removal and planting project is taking place on campus under the direction of the university’s Environmental Planning and Protection Unit. Poplar trees above 20 years old will be replaced with more durable and decorative trees such as cedars, planes, ornamental cherries and sycamores.

The poplars were originally planted during the university’s founding years, chosen for the species’ rapid growth and hence the trees’ ability to make the campus area green as quickly as possible. However, this same rapid growth also leads to inner decay and weakness due to poplars’ relatively short life span.

Some of the poplars on campus are 25 to 30 years old and susceptible to branch and trunk breakage in violent winds, thus posing a safety risk. In addition, the “fluff” that poplars produce during the spring can become a fire hazard when large amounts accumulate on the ground.

Consequently, the Ministry of Forestry has granted approval for the trees to be removed. The new trees that will replace the poplars are also being planted this fall.