CHEM Graduate Student Receives AVS Award

20 November 2017 Comments Off on CHEM Graduate Student Receives AVS Award

At the American Vacuum Society (AVS) 64th International Symposium and Exhibition held recently in Tampa (Florida, USA), Department of Chemistry graduate student Pınar Aydoğan Göktürk received the organization’s Applied Surface Science Division Graduate Student Award.

The AVS is an interdisciplinary professional society comprising several thousand members worldwide. Its annual International Symposium and Exhibition addresses issues associated with materials, processing and interfaces of interest to the research and manufacturing communities. This year’s symposium took place October 29–November 3 and hosted over two thousand scientists and engineers from around the world.

Pınar, who is working in the Bilkent Chemistry Department’s Surface Science and Spectroscopy Research Group, headed by Prof. Şefik Süzer, was selected as an award winner on the basis of her presentation skills and the scientific merit and originality of her research, titled “In Situ Monitoring of Electrochemically Generated Carbene by XPS.”