CHEM Graduates’ Work Gets Attention at International Meetings

01 December 2014 Comments Off on CHEM Graduates’ Work Gets Attention at International Meetings

The Surface Science and Spectroscopy Research Group, headed by Prof. Şefik Süzer of the Department of Chemistry, has received recognition from some of the world’s most prestigious surface science societies. Three Bilkent graduates who worked in the Suzer Research Group, Merve Taner-Camcı (CHEM BSc’10 and MSc’12), Pınar Aydoğan (CHEM BSc’13) and Ahmet Uçar (CHEM BSc’13), have received awards at international symposia.

The American Vacuum Society (AVS) held its 61st International Symposium and Exhibition in Baltimore, USA, this November, with around 3,000 scientists and engineers from around the world working in the fields of materials, processing and interfaces in attendance. At the meeting Merve Taner-Camcı was selected as a recipient of two awards: the Thin Film Division Graduate Student Award, in recognition of outstanding original research in the field of thin films, and the James M. E. Harper Memorial Award, as the winner of the AVS-61 TED talk competition on thin films topics. Also at AVS-61, Pınar Aydoğan received the Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Grant for Student Authors.

Ahmet Uçar received his award at the 30th European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS 30), held in Antalya, Turkey, at the end of the summer. ECOSS is one of the largest global events in surface science and the largest such multidisciplinary gathering in Europe, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest research in surface physics, chemistry and materials science. Ahmet was a recipient of the ECOSS Young Investigator Poster Award for his research, entitled “Tribochemical Interaction Between Polytetrafluoroethylene and Silicon Oxide Surfaces.”