Collaboration Enhances Student Experience

06 December 2022 Comments Off on Collaboration Enhances Student Experience

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management (THM) collaborated with the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (IAED) for a fourth-year students’ semester project through the facilitation of Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Collins, Assoc. Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and Şule Aybar, instructor at the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design.

In their senior year, students in IAED 401 have been asked to design an “Urban Hub” within the building of the Ankara Gar Casino/Restaurant, which is in the historical region of the city near the main railway station of Ankara. The instructors for this project are N. Şule Aybar, Ali Cengizkan, Ertan Ergin, Murat Özdamar and Semiha Yılmazer. The project involves gastronomic spaces and the design of a commercial/industrial kitchen. The project group visited the practice restaurant, “Le Piment Rouge,” and its kitchen in the Department of THM, to observe and study the food-processing spaces on November 7.

In this respect, the lectures by THM instructors Elif Denizci and Ali Ünal were extremely valuable learning experiences for the group.

Overall, this site visit contributed to the students’ awareness, interest and motivation toward projects that have real, ‘everyday life’ implications. The two departments will continue to collaborate to enhance Bilkent students’ learning experience through similar interdisciplinary projects in the future.