COMD Instructor Publishes Children’s Book

07 October 2019 Comments Off on COMD Instructor Publishes Children’s Book

Department of Communication and Design instructor Müge Mengü Hale has published her first book: an illustrated work for children that follows the adventures of two sea turtle hatchlings. “Ay Işığını Arayan Denizkaplumbağaları: Çıtırcık ile Pıtırcık” (Çıtırcık and Pıtırcık: Sea Turtles in Search of the Moonlight) is an imprint of Yapı Kredi Publications. The book conveys a message of hope and solidarity as it portrays the young turtles’ struggle for life.

Ms. Mengü Hale, a BA graduate of Boğaziçi University, worked as a reporter, editor and writer for several magazines and newspapers before pursuing an MA degree in media studies at The New School University in New York. She joined the COMD faculty in 2014.

COMD Instructor Publishes New Book

13 December 2016 Comments Off on COMD Instructor Publishes New Book

onen_mpmt_kapak_lA new book by Ufuk Önen, instructor in the Department of Communication and Design, has recently been released, titled “On Mixing: Techniques and Various Approaches in Mixing Music” (Miks Üzerine: Müzik Prodüksiyonlarında Miks Teknikleri ve Çeşitli Yaklaşımlar).

Audio mixing, which takes place after the recording of a song or music piece, is the process of combining multiple audio tracks (such as vocals, guitars, drums and so forth). During the process, the instruments’ volume levels, frequency contents and spatial positions are adjusted and enhanced. Audio mixing is utilized not only in music production in the studio, but also for concert recordings, live music, and sound and music for visual and interactive media.

Mr. Önen, who holds a BA in linguistics and an MA in Communication and Design, is a graduate of the Los Angeles Recording School and a PhD candidate at ufuk_aesthe University of Salford in the UK. A music producer, composer, audio recording engineer and filmmaker as well as an educator, he has produced and recorded more than 50 albums, EPs and singles in Turkey. He has in addition worked as a composer, engineer and sound designer for more than 200 Turkish, European and North American audiovisual projects, including films screened at international films festivals; recorded and toured with the band Hazy Hill between 1988 and 2000; and contributed to numerous audio, sound reinforcement and cinema sound installation projects as a consultant.

Prior to this, his third book, Mr. Önen authored “Ses Kayıt ve Müzik Teknolojileri,” the first reference book in Turkish in the fields of audio recording and music technology, and “Synthesizer Teknolojileri ve Programlama.”

He is a member of AES, IASIG and IASPM, a member of the AES Education Committee, and a co-founder of and steering committee member for the ATMM (Audio Technologies for Music and Media) international conference.

COMD Instructor Wins Medals in Swim Championships

27 April 2015 Comments Off on COMD Instructor Wins Medals in Swim Championships

Department of Communication and Design instructor Kağan Olguntürk has received four medals—a silver medal in the 100-meter and three bronze medals in the 200-, 400- and 800-meter freestyle —at a KKTC Masters Swimming Championship meet held in Cyprus in March.

Mr. Olguntürk also received two silver medals in the 200-meter and 800-meter freestyle and a bronze medal in the 400-meter freestyle at the Antalya Masters Winter Championship meet held in February.

COMD Instructor’s Film Screened at International Festivals

23 September 2014 Comments Off on COMD Instructor’s Film Screened at International Festivals

Department of Communication and Design instructor Kağan Olguntürk’s film “Scent of the Leather” (Derinin Kokusu) was awarded recognition at the Color Tape International Film Festival held in Australia in June 2014.
Also this year, the film was screened at the Intendence Film Festival and Blissfest333, both of which took place in Denver, Colorado. “Scent of the Leather” has in addition been invited to the Gigharbour Film Festival, which will be held in Seattle, Washington, October 16-19.
“Scent of the Leather” is the portrait of a former boxing champion, Cemal Kamacı. He first fought at the amateur level and, after turning professional, won the title of Professional European Boxing Champion. He fought five times in four years and was never knocked out. Although he is 69, he is still boxing at exhibition events. This film not only shows his past successes, but also attempts to depict his passion for this dangerous sport.