COMD Students’ Exhibition at Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery

06 May 2019 Comments Off on COMD Students’ Exhibition at Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery

A photography exhibition by Su Müge Şahin and İpek Naz Çınar, both senior students in the Department of Communication and Design, opened last week at Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery.

Titled “Bare to Dare,” the exhibition is the result of a public relations, communication and social awareness project carried out by the two students. The photography-based project, which concerns individuals who have congenital or acquired physical changes, disorders or differences in their appearance, was developed in cooperation with the Turkish Plastic Surgeons Institute.

The exhibition’s creators note that the results of extensive public opinion research surveys indicate that society’s notion of the ideal body unfortunately holds women to a much higher standard than it does men. For this reason, the project advocates the idea that people, and especially women, with all their differences should be confident about themselves and their bodies.

The exhibition includes photographs of volunteer models who have the physical differences mentioned above; visitors may also read the models’ stories.

“Bare to Dare” will remain on display through May 11.