COMD Workshop With Vancouver Film School

30 October 2017 Comments Off on COMD Workshop With Vancouver Film School

The Department of Communication and Design is partnering with the Vancouver Film School (VFS) to offer a two-day intensive workshop, “From Script to Screen,” being held October 30-31 in the FADA Building foyer.

In this two-day program, students are discovering the essential components of successful cinematic storytelling through lectures, workshops, and assigned exercises. On day one, guided by VFS industry instructors, they learned about the basics of story, screenwriting, acting and directing. On day two, students have the opportunity to apply these key concepts to their own moving master film projects. Working in groups of four or five, they are serving as cast and crew to execute stories they developed on the previous day. The program will conclude with a showcase of the students’ moving master films in a screening event to celebrate their work and allow them to share their stories with each other.

VFS instructors for the workshop are Michael Baser, head of film and writing; Jennifer Clement, head of acting; and Bob Woolsey, instructor for production.