CS Students Present Their Smart-Seat Project in Paris

19 December 2022 Comments Off on CS Students Present Their Smart-Seat Project in Paris

As the Smart-Seat project team, Computer Engineering second-year students Halil Tataroğlu, Elif Şen and Muti Kara were finalists in the Hackathon competition. This regional competition, which includes Turkey and the Middle East, was organized around the theme “How can railways be more resilient against epidemics?”

The Hackathon is an event in which a group of designers, engineers, programmers, etc. meets to develop new ideas, offer innovative solutions to practical industry problems and manufacture product prototypes. Exhibitions and communications are organized around a given topic during the event.

The Smart-Seat team was then invited by the International Union of Railways (UIC) to Paris in November 2022 to present their project at the WCRT2022 congress held at the UIC’s headquarters. They presented their project to the UIC’s technical team and congress participants.
The Smart-Seat project aims to make train journeys safer by evaluating a wide range of areas, from the health history of passengers to the cities where they board the train, to create the safest seating arrangement. With the help of an artificial intelligence that learns the course of a disease and potential transmission routes within the train, it ensures the arrangement is the safest possible for the journey.