CTIS Advisory Board Meeting

14 May 2019 Comments Off on CTIS Advisory Board Meeting

The Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems Advisory Board met on Wednesday, May 8 in C Building’s Mustafa Akgül Meeting Room.

The CTIS Advisory Board meets at least once a year to provide input on academics, administration, alumni and overall development of the department. During this, the 11th annual meeting, the Board reviewed the undergraduate curriculum, program educational objectives, program outcomes and the program’s continuous improvement, and offered suggestions about ways to build new relationships with industry and strengthen those the department currently has.

Also during the meeting, Department Chairman Erkan Uçar presented recent developments at CTIS to those in attendance, highlighting the increasing number of applications to the Software Development minor program and the new alumni and mentorship models. He also briefed the attendees on measurement of attainment of program outcomes as preparation for ABET and YÖK evaluations.

Among the attendees were Yasal Akgün, technical sales consultant for power and cognitive systems at IBM; Özgür Anteplioğlu, deputy general manager at Huawei and a CTIS alumnus; Gökhan Egehan, public sector account manager at Cisco and a CTIS alumnus; Atilla Ergökmen, senior account manager at Huawei and a CTIS alumnus; Çağatay Işıksungur, general manager of Bivent; Güher Kayalı, cloud platforms senior solution engineer at Oracle; Bora Kıvrak, consulting and support delivery manager at Microsoft; Mert Oğuzata, CEO of GFDS; Atilla Hakan Özdemir, director of the Bilkent Technology Transfer Office; Halit Özdemir, team leader at Havelsan and a CTIS alumnus; İlker Tabak, honorary board member at TBD; and M. Ali Türker, R&D project manager at Sebit.

All of the full-time CTIS faculty members also attended the meeting, as did two CTIS students, Özge Sıla Erkarslan (CTIS/III) and Sarp Aktuğ (CTIS/II).