Documentary on Halil İnalcık Premieres at Bilkent

11 April 2017 Comments Off on Documentary on Halil İnalcık Premieres at Bilkent

The gala premiere of a documentary film highlighting the life and achievements of Prof. Halil İnalcık, prominent Ottoman historian and founder of the Department of History, took place at Bilkent University on April 5.

The film, directed by TRT’s award-winning director Neşe Sarısoy Karatay, is titled “Halil İnalcık: 100 Yıllık Çınar.” Prof. İnalcık, who passed away in July 2016 at age 100, was a professor of Ottoman history at Bilkent University from 1993, when the Department of History was founded, until the time of his death.

The gala was attended by Bilkent University Board of Trustees President Ali Doğramacı, Rector Abdullah Atalar and TRT Vice Director Zeki Çiftçi, along with a large number of academicians and students.

Remarks by several of the guests, including Prof. Doğramacı and Dr. Çiftçi, preceded the screening. Prof. Doğramacı emphasized Prof. İnalcık’s contributions to Bilkent and the prestige he had brought to the university; he also shared his memories of Prof. İnalcık. Dr. Çiftçi spoke about the importance of Prof. İnalcık’s contributions to Turkish history, and the value that they at TRT placed on such a scholar.

After the audience viewed the 60-minute documentary, Ms. Sarısoy Karatay gave a short thank-you speech in response to the long and enthusiastic applause that filled the hall following the end of the film.