DOST’s Semester of Outdoor Activities Starts With a Day Trek

29 September 2014 Comments Off on DOST’s Semester of Outdoor Activities Starts With a Day Trek

The Bilkent Outdoor Sports Society (DOST) held its introductory meeting and organized a camping activity and a trek in Çankoru last weekend.
This first trek of the semester was open to all Bilkenters. From now on, each and every week, the club will be offering training courses for new members on rock climbing, camping and mountain climbing. On weekends and holidays, DOST will hold activities to apply and strengthen the skills learned in the courses.
Established in 1989, DOST is one of the oldest student clubs at Bilkent and has been organizing mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking activities since that time. Those who want to join DOST will gain access to a perfect getaway route from the routine of school life, exams and assignments. It is impossible not to mention here that two of the country’s most prestigious sportsmen, pioneers of Turkish mountaineering Tunç Fındık (ELIT ’93) and Nasuh Mahruki (MAN ’92), were members of DOST.
Whether you have a lot of outdoor experience or are a novice, if you’re eager to learn more and improve your skills in rock climbing and other outdoor sports, see picturesque scenery and meet the challenges of nature, you are always welcome to join us.
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