EE Graduate Students Launch SitRepApp

24 April 2018 Comments Off on EE Graduate Students Launch SitRepApp

Two graduate students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering – master’s degree student Burak Çatalbaş and PhD candidate Bahadır Çatalbaş – have developed a personal assistant application that allows users, at times when they are unable to access their phones, to automatically provide information to callers.

The Android application, which the developers have named “SitRepApp,” can automatically put the phone in silent, vibrating or ringing mode, according to what the user has specified in advance. The application is also capable of sending an autoreply SMS to unanswered callers if the user has enabled this function; the message can indicate when the user is available, according to a weekly schedule.

In addition, users can send an emergency SMS in Alert Case, which goes to Family Group members and may include the user’s location information, even in the absence of an internet connection. Finally, the application is able to send a Time-Adjusted SMS to anyone, whenever possible with content designed by the user.

SitRepApp is available at Google Play, in both Turkish and English. More information can be found at the website