Ex Libris: News from the Library

18 November 2013 Comments Off on Ex Libris: News from the Library

Dear Bilkent students… how many of you actually read the BAIS emails sent by the university departments and units, including those from the Library? On the other hand, how many of you follow the rector on Twitter, or receive posts from Bilkent University on your Facebook page? The Library would like to improve its communication and information dissemination with its users, especially with Bilkent students. To do this, we need to know what social media tools you use and prefer, and how you use them. If you would like to help us, then please complete our short Social Media Usage Survey, which will be open online this week and will also be distributed in print at both the Main and East Campus libraries during the week. Thank you in advance for helping us to reach you more effectively!

Also this week, the Library will host the second Lunchtime Lecture for this semester. On Thursday, November 21, Refet Gürkaynak, associate professor in the Department of Economics, will deliver a talk entitled “The Turkish Economy During AKP Rule.” In his talk, Dr. Gürkaynak will examine Turkey’s economic performance during the period of governance by the AK Party. The AKP came to power following a financial crisis and made economic success its priority. Public opinion is divided over whether or not they delivered on this promise. Dr. Gürkaynak will emphasize the differences between the early period, when there was an IMF agreement that mandated certain economic policies, and the more recent period, when economic policy has been relatively unconstrained. The Lecture will take place at 12:40-1:30 p.m. on Thursday, in the Main Campus Library Art Gallery. It will definitely be a popular talk, so please come early to guarantee a seat. Lunchtime refreshments will be provided.