Expert Panels Judge GE440 and GE443 Projects

03 February 2014 Comments Off on Expert Panels Judge GE440 and GE443 Projects

On December 28, teams of students in the FEASS transdisciplinary courses GE440 and GE443 presented their projects to panels of experts. Organized into 20 teams in total, students in both courses worked on their projects intensively throughout the semester, integrating different disciplinary perspectives.

In GE440, students explored various dimensions of globalization. At the conclusion of the semester, they presented the results of their work to a panel composed of Bahar Çelikkol Erba? (TOBB-ETÜ), Ceren Ergenç (METU), Can Mutlu (Bilkent University), Gökçer Özgür (Hacettepe University) and Emine Tokgöz (Turkish Competition Authority). The first prize went to a project entitled “Zeus is Fired!: The Global Financial Crisis’s European Quest.”

GE443 students, who analyzed multiple social challenges in Turkey, had their **************** efforts judged by a panel consisting of Kamer Karakurum Özdemir (World Bank), Asl?han Mo?ulkoç (??Kur), Ömer Fazl?o?lu (European Union Delegation in Turkey), Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University) and Muharrem Sar?kaya (Habertürk and TOBB ETÜ). A project entitled “Is It Just Garbage, or a Way to Charge Your Smartphone?” was awarded first prize.

In the 2014 spring semester, the interdisciplinary courses GE440 and GE441 will be offered to senior students in the Departments of Economics, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration.

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