FACULTY Q&A: Interview with Chen-Yu Chiu

26 November 2018 Comments Off on FACULTY Q&A: Interview with Chen-Yu Chiu


Asst. Prof. Chen-Yu Chiu was born in Taiwan and pursued his studies in architecture in Taiwan, the USA, Australia and Finland. In 2016, Dr. Chiu joined the Bilkent University Department of Architecture. He has worked as an academician, historian, curator and architect to promote and portray the cultural exchanges between East Asia, Central Asia and Europe.

Why did you become an academician?

I’m interested in learning history and sharing it with my colleagues.


Why/how did you choose Bilkent? What do you like the most about being at Bilkent?

The people, the building culture and the food in Turkey.


Please explain your current research for our readers.

My research explores the history of cultural exchanges in architecture between Europe and East Asia.


Why is your research important?

People travel, and knowledge travels too. We need to see the world in a truly global context.


What is your best work?

Currently, my colleagues and I are building a community center for Turkish citizens and Syrian refugees in the town of Reyhanlı in Hatay.


Could you share a turning point or defining moment in your career?

Every day is a turning point – if we’re ready and have a good idea.


What is one piece of information from your field that you think everyone should know?

Everyone needs more hours of sleep.


When and where do you do your best thinking?

In the early morning, after drinking Turkish tea with milk.


What distracts you?

My reactions to loneliness.


What problem do you hope scientists will have solved by the end of the century?

Finding the best way to help everyone get enough hours of sleep.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Sleep, and experience different places and cultures by traveling.


Any advice for students starting their careers?

Read the books no one can understand; and be the place no one can reach.